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Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment at Captain Jax! Unwind and relax with a variety of activities under one roof, including exciting games, mind-bending trivia, captivating storytelling, dazzling magic shows, and live music performances. Plus, enjoy special character guest appearances that will add an extra layer of surprise and delight to your visit.

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Rick Hubbard Kazoobie Kazoo Show

Rick Hubbard and his Kazoobie Kazoo Show!

Date/Time: From June 12th through August 14th, 2024, every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

Event Details: Get ready to experience the ultimate family fun at Captain Jax this summer with Rick Hubbard and his Kazoobie Kazoo Show! Join Rick for an unforgettable FREE show filled with music, comedy, and tons of laughter. In the end, every single child gets to take home a FREE kazoo, and they all get a shot at being a part of the action. Rick is an old hand at making people laugh, having performed for over 35 years at Hilton Head Island and at famous venues like Disney World and the Kennedy Center. Make sure you don't pass up this unforgettable opportunity to meet the founder of America's only plastic kazoo factory! Visit the Kazoobie website to learn more


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Calling all Trainers!

Calling all aspiring Pokémon Masters on Hilton Head Island!

Are you ready for an epic Pokémon adventure?

Join us for the Hilton Head Youth Pokémon Club meeting at Captain Jax on Sunday, June 2nd from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM! Mark your calendars, Trainers! This is a monthly meeting, so you can look forward to more Pokémon fun every month!

What's on the Agenda?

    • Show and Tell: Dust off your Poké Ball collections and bring your favorite Pokémon cards, figures, or plushies to share with your fellow trainers!
    • Trading Extravaganza! Got doubles in your deck? This is your chance to find the perfect Pokémon for your team through epic trades with other trainers!
    • Make New Friends! Meet other Pokémon enthusiasts and battle it out... with words of course! This is a great chance to make new friends who love Pokémon as much as you do!

Who can join?

This club is open to all Pokémon trainers, from newbies to seasoned battlers! Whether you're just starting your collection or a master trainer with a Pokédex full of Pokémon, everyone is welcome!

What to Bring?

    • Your favorite Pokémon cards, figures, plushies, or anything Pokémon-related to show off!
    • A binder to store your Pokémon cards (if you're planning to trade).
    • A positive attitude and your love for Pokémon!

Don't miss out on the fun!

Head to Captain Jax on June 2nd and get ready for an unforgettable Pokémon experience! See you there, trainers!

P.S. Remember, catching (or trading) 'em all is more fun with friends! So grab your fellow trainers and get ready for an epic afternoon!